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Feb 10

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control

Pests can cause damage to your carpets and upholstery and spread diseases. A professional cleaning can be a preventative measure to pests. If an infestation is already present, you can hire a carpet cleaner or contact a pest control company to get rid of them.

How can you tell if you have to control pests?

Our carpet cleaners provide pest control services for Glasgow, Paisley, and the surrounding areas.
Carpet or rug fiber damage is a common sign of a pest problem. A moth infestation can be detected in small areas of carpet or rug fibres. Fleas and bedbugs are also often responsible for other symptoms like itching, bites, and rashes.


Why not have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned.

There are many DIY carpet cleaning tips and guides on the internet. Unless you have the right equipment and experience, your efforts may not be successful in eliminating the infestation. Permanent damage can be done to your carpets and upholstery by using the wrong detergent or making a hasty brew from an old wives' tale.

Hot Water Extraction (HWE), is far more effective than a vacuum cleaner. HWE can produce steam at high enough temperatures to kill eggs of smaller pests than a vacuum. The process is non-toxic and safe to use in areas with children and pets.

You can find more information on the advantages of hiring a carpet cleaner by visiting our blog post on professional vs. DIY.


Carpet Pests: Common Types

These insecticides are also known as textile pests. Residual and aerosol insecticides are not recommended for use on objects infested by insects.


It is a pest that can be found in households with pets. Fleas and their eggs can be killed by HWE, which is able to reach the base of carpet fibers.

Moths and Carpet Beetles

Although moths, beetles, and other insects do not eat fabric their larvae do. The eggs of adult beetles are often found in closets, air ducts, and under furniture. The larvae hatch in dark, unattended areas where they can feed on organic matter. These pests love to breed in soil, dirt, and urine.

* Bedbugs

Bedbugs can enter homes in many different ways. It is common for bedbugs to enter a home by bringing in second-hand furniture without first inspecting it. These insects can be difficult to get rid of as they are resistant to certain insecticides.


Carpet Cleaners Yuma AZ will require two visits for households with infestations. This is to reduce the chance of re-infestation.


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